Psychotherapy with parent/carers and families

Parents and carers can find it valuable to have someone to think alongside them about their experience of caring for a child who is struggling. In turn, children can find it valuable to know that their parent/carer is thinking about them and sharing the responsibility of trying to make things better.

As well as working individually with children and young people, I also work with parents and carers, sometimes individually, sometimes in joint sessions with the child, or sometimes with the family as a whole.

Children’s difficulties can bring up unresolved issues for parents/carers which can trigger difficult emotional responses. They may feel stigmatised, blamed, unloved or misunderstood when their children are experiencing problems of an emotional, psychological or behavioural nature. This can remind them of their own negative or traumatic experiences (as a child or as an adult) and it can also provoke new, difficult to manage emotions.  Many parents/carers find it helps to have a space to reflect on their feelings with an attentive 'other' and this can bring about positive change.

Busy parents and carers may prefer to establish an online therapeutic space rather than attend the physical therapy room. Sea Psychotherapy therefore offers a Skype consultation service by arrangement.   

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