Psychotherapy involves hard work and commitment. My clients tell me it can be gruelling, distressing, challenging, boring and not much fun. 

But they also tell me it is inspiring and rewarding and brings about positive changes in their lives.

Here are some of the other things my clients (and their parents/carers) have said to me about their experiences of psychotherapy, all spontaneous, unprompted and in their own words.

It has been an enormous help during a really difficult time to know that my son had someone supporting him who really knew what they were doing. 

[Parent of male aged 17; 6 weeks in therapy]

I like coming here. You knew how I felt and what I meant.

[Female aged 11; 6 months in therapy]

Things I like about Jeanine - she is nice to you always and is helpful. You can trust her. She has lots of cool, quirky things. She helps you get things sust [sic] out. 

[Female aged 10; 12 months in therapy]

A big thank you for your support and guidance to help us on our journey.
[Parent of female aged 10; 12 months in therapy]

We feel like we have our daughter back. 

[Parents of female aged 8; 6 weeks in therapy]

Everyone should have therapy!

[Male aged 19; 18 months in therapy]

You just get it 

[Female aged 17; 9 months in therapy)

You have literally saved my life. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be here.

[Male aged 19; 18 months in therapy]

I can't believe how much talking to you has helped me to feel better. 
[Male aged 11, 6 months in therapy]
A huge thank you from me for everything. I was really struggling when we first made contact with you. Your support of our daughter made a huge difference to me and to her. [Parent of female aged 13; 5 months in therapy] 

No-one has ever been able to keep up with how I think. How do you do that? 
How do you understand me? [Male aged 14, 3 months in therapy] 

Your support had such a positive impact on our family life. As parents we feel better equipped to support [our daughter]. Thank you for your kindness and for listening. We feel very lucky to have known you and to have worked with you.
[Parents of female aged 13; 12 weeks in therapy]

When I started coming here I thought you could read my mind. You always knew what I was thinking and when I wasn't telling you the truth. I didn't like it. And then I did like it because I knew you were trying to help me work out what I was thinking. [Female; aged 9, 4 months in therapy]

I saw a counsellor before but she used to put words in my mouth. Talking to her didn't help so I stopped talking to her. It's been different talking to you. You're top of the range. [Male; aged 13, 4 months in therapy]

 I feel strong enough to manage on my own now. My worries don't control me anymore. I control them! [Male aged 8; 6 weeks in therapy] 

My son is much brighter and better able to manage his emotions. He has some outbursts occasionally but we see this as a good thing; at least he's not bottling things up anymore. [Parent of male aged 9] 

I like coming here because it's calm and you are calm too and it makes me feel calm. It's not calm at home. 

[Female aged 7; 9 weeks in therapy]

 It has been valuable to have a space where I can talk honestly about what I've done and what I've been through. You have never judged me I'm grateful for that. [Female aged 15; 3 months in therapy]  

I will miss you but I know now that new things will come. You have been like a family to me when I didn't have a real one of my own. You have been funny, fun, happy, colourful, brave, bossy, honest, caring, kind, helpful, epic, calm, friendly, my hero! [Female aged 12; 3 years in therapy] 

 It feels like such a relief to have someone who has listened to us and treated us like real people instead of just labelling us. [Parent of male aged 13]

 Thank you for playing games with me and having fun. And even thank you for the difficult things we talked about. [Female aged 8; 9 months in therapy]

It feels as if I haven't talked about the really important thing but even though I haven't said it, I feel like you knew. You helped me to understand why I feel like I do. It's hard to say goodbye. [Female aged 15; 18 months in therapy]

 Coming here makes me feel happy. The space and the things I do here make me happy and because you are so nice. Thinking here feels safe. 

[Male aged 10; 8 weeks in therapy]

My dad used to get cross that I was talking to you about stuff & not him but how could I tell him the truth? He would've taken it personally & thought I was blaming him. I can talk to him now though. He's calmed down a lot. So have I. [Male aged 15; 6 months in therapy]

You made me realise it wasn't my fault and that made me feel more confident.

[Female aged 14; 6 weeks in therapy]

I've had loads of counsellors. None of them helped. None of them understood. They were patronising, controlling, old and too serious. You're not like them. [Female aged 16; 12 weeks in therapy]

 I haven't been in the room with you, but you have had a huge impact on me as a father and how I parent my daughter. She has matured beyond recognition and that has had a positive impact on the whole family. 

[Parent of female aged 18; 18 months in therapy]

 You help children feel better just by talking to them. It's like magic!

[Female aged 6; 8 weeks in therapy]

You have taken me seriously, not too seriously by panicking and over-reacting, but just seriously enough. I really appreciate that. 

[Female aged 14; 3 months in therapy] 

I know that even when we weren't really doing anything you were thinking about how you could help . I didn't know that being thought about could be so helpful!
[Female, aged 11; 1 year therapy]
When I first came here it felt like we were picking at a scab; it was painful but I couldn't stop picking. Now it's as if the infection has gone and the wound has had chance to heal. 
 [Female aged 18; sixteen months in therapy]

I like coming here because when I don't have anyone to talk to I have you. 

[Male aged 9; four months in therapy]

You are really annoying sometimes, like my mum. But you bother about how I'm feeling and she doesn't. [Male aged 15; three months in therapy]

There's a tonne of bricks hanging over me and it takes all my energy to stop them crashing down on my head. I know you can't get rid of them, but it's like you've stepped under here with me and are helping me to hold them up. [Female aged 15, 4 weeks in therapy]

I feel happier inside now. I am sad inside as well because I won't see you anymore. [Female aged 5; six months in therapy]. 

Inside my head feels like a really messy room. Talking to you helps me to tidy it up.  [Female aged 15; two months in therapy] 

Without your help I wouldn't be where I am today. I can't say how much you have helped me by listening and helping me to understand my feelings. 

[Male aged 14; 3 years in therapy]

I've got my son back! It's more than I could have wished for.
[Parent of male aged 14; 12 weeks in therapy]

I thought you'd be like all the other adults and take their (parents) side. But you didn't. You listened to me and let me talk and then they (parents) listened to me too. You made it fair. [Male aged 13; six weeks in therapy]. 

Things are still really hard. I still get anxious sometimes but I understand where it comes from now and I can manage it better. 

[Female aged 16; one year in therapy]

Therapy is like having an open would. It hurts when you talk about the hard stuff so it feels like the wound is infected. But then the infection gets squeezed out and it starts to feel better because the bad stuff starts to go away. If I'd stopped coming, the badness would have stayed inside and got worse. It's better now. [Female aged 17; 18 months in therapy].

I want you to know you have helped me so much in so many ways. I want to say thank you because you have been a big part of my life and made me see I can go somewhere with my life. I am so glad I met you. 

[Female aged 18; twelve months in therapy] 

I will miss coming here but I know I need to stand on my own two feet now and I'm ready to do that. [Male aged 15; nine months in therapy]

You have really helped my family to talk to each other without screaming. Things are better now than before. [Female aged 16; 6 months in therapy] 

Coming here was weird. I never knew what I was going to talk about but then I told you stuff I haven't told anyone else and you helped me to work out what's going on in my head.  [Female aged 12; 10 weeks in therapy].  

It really feels like you care about me and that you listen to me properly. No-one else bothers to do that. [Female aged 15; three months in therapy]

I liked it when we drew pictures and you said they told you about how I was feeling inside when I didn't have the words. 

[Female aged 7; five months in therapy]

My mum and dad made me come because I was a little shit. I didn't want to come. But then I changed my mind and I did want to come. I'm less of a little shit now than I was before.  [Male aged 14; two years in therapy] 

My mum didn't used to understand me. She used to ask me why I was crying and tell me I had nothing to be depressed about. She felt bad but she didn't know what to do. Now she listens to how I feel and gives me a hug. You have showed her how to listen to me. [Female aged 16; one year in therapy]

I would say to anyone going to have therapy that it's really horrible. You think you are going there to talk about nothing in particular but then you start thinking about all the stuff you want to forget about. In the end you start to feel better and you stop getting into trouble all the time. I don't know how it works but it does. [Male aged 13; 16 months in therapy]

 I didn't want to come but it's been alright. I get on better with people now than I did before. Thanks for your help with that. (Male aged 14; 3 months in therapy]

When mum died I didn't really think about it for about a year. Then I started to feel really depressed and get headaches all the time. Talking to you has been like going through it all again but now I feel better and can think about my mum without crying all the time. 

[Female aged 16; six months in therapy]

Therapy is like a loaf of bread; nobody likes the bits at either end, because the beginning and the end is hard. But if we didn't have the end bits we wouldn't have the bit in the middle either, and that was alright. 

[Male aged 14; 30 months in therapy]