The sea and me
The sea has inspired art, poetry, healing and contemplation for centuries, and it inspires Jeanine too. It influences where and how she lives as well as the way she thinks about her work. That is why her psychotherapy practice is called 
Sea Psychotherapy. 

Jeanine loves the ever changing seascapes, the tempestuous winter storms and the welcoming warm waters of a shallow summer tide, the shades of blue that never stay the same and the treasures that get washed up on the beach in all seasons.

The sea and psychotherapy

The symbolism of the sea can be applied to the process of psychotherapy. Its calm presence and sense of space, a place to reflect on the past, and to dream and hope about the future. A place to look ahead and imagine what could be waiting on the horizon, actually or metaphorically. The sea can mirror our mood, as if it knows when we are feeling sad, despondent and bleak. Or as if it knows we are full of rage and fury. Or as if it knows we just need to be seen and to be heard and to be in the presence of another.    

                                                Jeanine Connor © 2012

 The sea and adolescence

I have a particular interest in and enjoyment of working with adolescents and young adults. I think that the symbolism of the sea can be applied to this demographic too.  One moment calm and serene, the next stormy and turbulent. Both evoke a sense of hope and of a future, an unpredictability, a potentiality, a passion and a fertility. Both have unknown depths, hidden from all except a lucky, chosen few. Both can be warm and welcoming, or harsh and foreboding. The adolescent and the sea are each prone to misunderstanding, misinterpretation, fear, hatred, envy and love. The sea can represent life and death; and what better way to illustrate the life and death dilemmas of adolescence than through the symbolism of the sea.

Jeanine Connor © 2012