Sea Psychotherapy are also available online using the secure Zoom platform

Why work online?

People choose to access psychotherapy online for a number of reasons. It might be for health reasons or the need to self-isolate. You might live too far from your chosen therapist to travel there regularly or at all. You might be unable to access psychotherapy in person due to a physical disability. You or your parent/carer might have commitments which mean that you want to reduce the time you spend travelling to and from appointments, perhaps so that you miss less time from school or work. You might find traditional 'in the room' type psychotherapy too intense, or you might not feel ready for this kind of intimacy in the relationship. You might want to access psychotherapy but not want to be seen. Whatever the reason for choosing an online medium to access psychotherapy, your needs and desires can be considered. Contact Jeanine Connor using the sea-psychotherapy-contact-form.php form to think about this together.

           Distance                   Disability             Time

      School             Work                  Intensity         

  Illness           Injury           Commitments            


Online Contract

The terms and conditions of the Sea Psychotherapy Contract apply equally to psychotherapy conducted online and you should read these carefully. In addition, the following conditions apply to sessions conducted online:

  • Prior to the session, Jeanine Connor will send you/your child a secure link. Simply click on the link to access the online waiting room
  • You/your child can choose if you/they would prefer video messaging (seen) or a voice call, or instant chat (not seen)
  • It is your responsibility to arrange a private space where you/your child will not be disturbed, interrupted or overheard to conduct the online session and Jeanine will do the same 
  • Jeanine will be available online at the agreed time and for the agreed duration of the session, whatever time we connect
  • Jeanine will not be available for online contact at any other times, unless by prior arrangement
  • If the online connection is lost, it is your/your child's responsibility to reconnect so that you/they maintain control of engagement throughout the session
  • You/your child should agree what you would like to happen if the online connection cannot be maintained. We might agree to switch to email, instant messenger or telephone, rather than abandon the session

For any other queries about online sessions, please select the Contact Sea Psychotherapy from the main menu 

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